The Challenges of Managing a Short Term Rental on Your Own

The short-term rental market provides a wonderful opportunity for aspiring Calgary or Columbia Valley property managers, who can bring in extra cash while offering an important service for a variety of tenants. However, Alberta short-term property management can come with its fair share of headaches, as highlighted below:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Renters hold high expectations in regards to cleanliness and maintenance. They demand pristine surroundings, as well as functional appliances and utilities. Even minor oversights can destroy the credibility of an otherwise trusted property manager in Calgary.


In today’s digital world, property managers are always on call. Renters want to know that they can quickly get in touch, should the need arise.

Frequent contact isn’t the only issue. Some guests struggle to understand the terms of short-term rentals. Without a clear and concise communication style, you risk setting them up for disappointment. Poor communication could also lead to later problems such as property damage. Risks of such wear and tear can be considerable, given the high turnover that many short-term rentals experience.


Property managers must maintain complete compliance with local rules and regulations. Keeping track of these laws can prove difficult. Alberta property managers who fail to keep up with key standards may find themselves in a world of trouble.

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