Are you looking for a guaranteed monthly income? Are you having a hard time selling? Are you tired of dealing with multiple tenants who don’t pay on time?

If so, we would love to lease your property from you on a yearly basis. The benefits of this are many. Imagine if you never had to deal with another renter again…

We would always maintain your property to the highest standards. The reason for this is our business depends on it!

When the success of a business is based on reviews, it means we must keep your property in show condition all the time.

That brings us to the next advantage, your home will always be in sale condition. If you ever want to sell your property near the end of our lease, then you will have a great place to show potential buyers.

How it works, we would sign a yearly lease. Then we would make a sub-lease which gives us permission to have short term renters make use of the space. Please call us for more information.