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At Aisling Baile, we believe that owning a revenue generating property should be an exciting and stress-free experience. It should be something that makes your life better. As property owners ourselves we have been through the feelings that come with not knowing the how-to’s of managing a property from a far. That is why we started our company. To bridge that gap and to make it simple and affordable.

We focus on all aspects of your home. We take your property and create a professional listing with professional photos. Our cleaners will always have your place clean and ready for the next guests.

Whether you are considering buying your first revenue generating property or are a veteran in the short-term rental market, we are here to make your life easier. 

Whats in a name?

Our name represents to us our dreams and aspirations of the future. It is also directly related to guest experiences we wish to achieve. Both words come from a Celtic background because so do we.

“Aisling” A Celtic word meaning to Dream. Correct pronunciation is Ash-ling, although we don’t mind if you just say it how it appears either.

“Baile” A Celtic word meaning Home. Pronounced as Bale. Like a bale of hay.

Put it together and we have Dream Home

Our logo itself comes from the Laguz rune. Also, from Celtic decent in which it has many meanings. To us though, it represents endless possibilities.